Friday, November 30, 2007

Rain drops and glass


Afternoon work break was a good chioce. Plenty of "Rain drops and glass".

What a difference a few hours can make.

Levi P


Grom #5



Rode my 9'0 Junod. I am enjoying this board.

Bring on winter

Well I went to the beach today and found wet streets and absolutely no waves. At least in Newport. I started to wonder when winter is going to kick in? Sure I have got some waves but I had to travel for them. It would also be nice to get a little snow pack to allow for some winter activities and help with the draught conditions. Photos shown are of Matt Albers in 2005.

Winter swells and point breaks are a great combo.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Paid off

Early sunrise session "Paid Off".

Beautiful sunrise

Small but nice lined up peelers and ultra clean conditions

Rode my 9'-0 Junod.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Painted Sky

Young Jordan with a fin first take off.

Really small surf but the conditions were just beautiful. There was a "Painted sky" effect.

If you dont own a longboard in So Cal you miss out of alot of nice days.

Steve farwell

Jeff Wroes sweet ride . I liked the purple next to the blue.

Randy is a big guy but still making the best of the tiny conditions.

Devon with smiles and all

Jeff and his harem.

Rode 9'6" Junod log .

Monday, November 26, 2007

Nice Peel

2 days left on my vacation so I decided to head to one of Califoria point to get a day of logging in. Great conditions all day with some extreme tide changes. Small ground swell in the water with a "Nice Peel" to it which made for a fun day.

John Cunningham on a nice waist high peeler.

Looked like Malibu at times.

Ran into longtime Newport local Steve Means. Means used to run the Russell Surfboard shop for many years.

Tide dropped out low when we were leaving but stiil some fun small ones to be had.

JC deep getting burned.

Rode 9'-6" Junod Log for the first time. Had a blast.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Kauai 07

Spent many winters surfing the Islands with friends and have great memories. Although I most say the best surf trips are ones I have shared with my family. Wills family " Kauai 07 "

Forced hand

Surfed for the first time since back from the islands. Cold and hard to get motivated. I made sure I went out, I guess you could call it a "Forced hand". Checked out Newport first which was not ridable so I moved on. Actually ended up with some waves. Conditions were good however the swell direction was walled. You had to get the corners.

Matt on a wally right.

Kyle showing off for his girlfriend.

Young surfer love!!

The tide was fat early.

As the tide dropped the waves got better but the shape was marginal at best.

Rode 9'-0 Junod longboard.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Return from the Garden

"Return from the Garden " tody. Had a wondeful thanksgiving with my family. And lots of surf.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Yearly Pilgrimage

Today I am off for my "Yearly Pilgrimage". I may or maynot be able to post for awhile we will just see. Equiped with 3 boards 7'-9" Andreini, 7'-6" Junod gun, and a 7'2" NPJ with widow maker setup. The 7'0 range has always been succesful for me in the Island winters. The 7'9" Andreini can surf in place of a log or step up in solid waves . The NPJ will surf like a shortboard but also handel juice. And the Junod is built for the Bay.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Arena Atmosphere

Today offered up some classic logging with good conditions. The masses were out almost like a "Arena Atmosphere". The young guns displaing the modern log riding and the older crew displaying some classic style. Made for a fun day.

Jeff Wroe in his classic appriciation pose.

Mikey Pells committed on the nose.

Steve Farwell getting his share of lefts with some nice noserides.

The arena offered up the Glamor as well. Wetsuit and board fashion.

Some really good noseridin by the young guns.

Alex Knost



Al gets in some pretty weird positions. When you think its over he still going.

Dano backside rail grag and trim.

Al with a log lipper.

Dano in frontside trim.