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Managed to have a fun "TropicHull"session last week on a Liddle Hawaiikine. These boards are a narrow outline and have side bites which really feel good. Matt rode one as well and was surfing it very well on his frontside. I think the side bites helped me on the backside. The boards definitly still has the Hull feeling and is very positive under the feet.
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Just Add Sand

Almost working just no swell.
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Check Um

I recently added the Blog Eyemages to my list which is by longtime newport local Terry Smith. Take some time and check out his photos I think you will enjoy them. One of my favorites is of Alex on a hull shown above.

Size Matters

In that the surf has been so small as of of late I have been riding my Chris C. 10'6" glider and have been having a good time. I think it is a very good board for anyones quiver who just likes to get out and glide despite the surf size. Photos are from this previous week taken by J. Hall "The daily bread"

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Seven Foot Tide

Some red winds and a "Seven Foot Tide" small swell and well placed sandbars made for a super fun session for all who showed.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Exsposed reef


Negitive Low tide providing a "Exsposed" reef ride.