Sunday, March 11, 2007

Test Drive

This was the first test ride of 6'-3" 3 fin, Bonzer. I cant wait for this new round of south swells to really get the feel.


warm jet said...

So.... where were you yesterday to get such size? or friday?
by email if necessary!
Yours a pin or diamond?

FREERIDE said...

Diamond Are a girls best friend, and a bonzer rider as well. The photo was actually taken on valentines day between 24th and 28th.I cant wait to ride some down the line waves on it, Malcolm shapes the best boards.

warm jet said...

It'd Quite possible I may have a brand new 6'3" pinhead for sell!
It's got the "Bing" style lams on the runners as well.
That's the silly thing that made me buy it, you see, I already have a 6'7" light V and waaaay too many bonzers of similar traits.