Monday, April 19, 2010

Deluxe slightly tweaked

5'9" x 19 1/4 x 22 x 18 3/8 with 2 + 1 setup. Tweaked the tail a bit to be a little bit rounder to add just a bit of currve. Shaped by Greg Liddle.
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Vyusher La Kali said...

First I had to overcome my jealousy concerning women. Now I have to deal with this????

Nice one. Real nice. Please please please can I ride this?

KP's Round UP said...

JDUB, Greg did a 6'4'' BD that was like that , it looked really good to me. That one's nice .

Anonymous said...

What is it you're seeking in riding these shapes? Can't imagine much performance out of them.

dogleg said...

not sure about jw, but i have one of these and what am I looking for?
i am looking to suck even more than i already do at surfing. you see, my former radness was sooo beyond rad that it could get no more rad! the only place to go was to head for sucking. i now am in full suck performance and sucking more each day. i thank these
horrible shapes in making me.....A TOP NOTCH SUCKER.
peace and high performance wishes to all.