Wednesday, December 2, 2009

An average day

An average day. South wind and shitty surf which typically lends itself to photos I hate. For some reason today I liked these shots not for the quality but for the content. My favorite was the girl with the 70's vintage stinger and the eyes. Pooch is always interesting but this photo reminds me of the holidays at Blackies, it must be the shades. The third photo I liked the body position even though this person fell over two frames later. And the last photo I liked because it a shot of a PG Hull making the marginal surf actually look fun.


Anonymous said...

i agree. that first photo of the girl has a lot feel to it and definitely leaves a really strong impression.

dogleg said...

yes#1..'doom girl' is a great shot.
is she goth or just a character?

FREERIDE said...

I dont know her history but she plays a good goth girl if she is in bharacter