Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Simple Treasures

Today I was greeted with a few Simple Treasures, Last photo is of the Getty Villas in Malibu.


Stathis said...

Hi from Greece! I've shaped a 7'2" hull board and I've ridden it on medium to small sized waves here in Greece.. I was wondering what wave size can a board like that take?

FREERIDE said...

Hi back to Greece. Not really sure for two reasons the waves here never really get much more than overhead so the Hulls work about any day. I find that it is the conditions that determine if my hulls are going to work.They like shape and smooth to simi smooth conditions for me at least. Secondly I have not seen your board but I am sure stoked to hear you are giving it a go Best of luck to you Shoot me a photo some time of the board or you surfing on it I would love to post it. leezawills@sbcglobal.net